Jørn André Myrland

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Some things I've made..


Configure hyper for windows

  • #hyper
  • #terminal
  • #windows 10

I mainly created this medium-article to help my future self configure hyper for new devices, but I was glad to see that it is helping others as well 👍


docker ship

  • #docker
  • #CLI
  • #open-source

I created a CLI with node, to build, tag and push docker images in one command. It also allows for custom pre build and post push actions.

The source code is available on Github.



  • #CSS
  • #JavaScript
  • #Markdown
  • #open-source

Slides is a simple docpad solution for generating html slides. I created it it to better illustrate code in presentations; "jQuery basics" and "A collection of css selectors". I even integrated it with Leap motion 🤯

The source code is available on Github.


"Driving skill monitor"

  • #Android
  • #DriSMo
  • #open-source

This was the result of the bachelor thesis created by Fredrik Kvitvik, Fredrik Hørtvedt and myself. Together, we figured out how to measure the "skill of a driver" by creating an Android app to measure the quality of driving.

We decided to open source it, and it is still available on Github.